New Issues/ Newsletter

New Issues/ Newsletter


With all eyes on the economy at present you may well ask "what is the future for collectable Banknotes".    During our 35 years specialising in Australian banknotes, we have gone through many changes, including a recession many years ago, stock exchange crashes and housing fluctuations.      What we have seen during those times is that many turn to Collectables, and our industry has actually been stronger while all other areas of the economy are suffering.      

Presently we are still busier than ever.    Areas flourishing are:

*  The first and last signature prefixes in Paper Decimal notes.    The resurgence in quality (i.e., original) Paper Decimals has been long overdue.    In years past these notes have been overlooked, the result being many of the scarcer issues remaining drastically undervalued.    Since adding the first and last signature prefixes to both of the Coin and Banknote Catalogues, these are really starting to move.

*  Polymer notes.    With an ever growing Collector base Polymer notes are always very sought after.   Collectors who purchased their notes only a few years ago have seen quite amazing returns on their investment this, coupled with the enjoyment of collecting (which was reported in a medical magazine many years ago "adds 5-10 years to your life) makes it a win, win situation!   It is also comforting that the rise in value in Polymer notes has been due to a small number of notes retained against an ever increasing Collector base.    This is naturally using one of the most effective methods that can be afforded to any investment, 'supply and demand'.   

* Rare Predecimal notes and those in superior quality are still doing well.     The hard part is finding them!     Also, Collectors are still keen to fill those empty spaces in their Collections.       We have found it is all dependant on having notes priced correctly, if this is offered then there has been little change in the market of late.    

Special numbers /prefixes and misprints.    This is another area that is causing a lot of interest.     We have an excellent variety and we are gradually adding new stocks to our website, if you cannot find what you are after please contact us.      

One last snippet before we go.   When storing your Polymer notes be sure to house them in either Hagner or Vario pages.   No, we don't have shares in these pages!  We have found out, the hard way, that if Polymer notes are housed in polyurethane pages (soft plastic) over time the notes will curl.    Unfortunately as far as we know this curl cannot be removed.  

                                                                                             Kind regards

                                                                          Bob and Judy